Rehabilitating people and protecting the public

Serco provides Justice Services across Australia, New Zealand and the UK that help to make our communities safer by holding prisoners securely and working to reduce reoffending.

We are committed to treating people in our custody with humanity and decency and challenge prisoners to take responsibility. Our staff help prisoners to turn their lives around and complete their time in custody as more capable, confident citizens who can make a constructive contribution to their communities.

Our justice facilities deliver education, rehabilitation, vocational training and resettlement programs. We apply a responsible prisoner model that promotes respect, encourages positive behaviours and allows prisoners to learn and take responsibility for managing their own circumstances.

By creating the best possible conditions for prisoners to change, our people improve social outcomes for individuals, families and communities. By reducing reoffending, we help to reduce the burden on courts, prisons, law enforcement and social services.

We deliver these services in Asia Pacific through our contracts at Acacia Prison, Wandoo Reintegration Facility, Western Australia Court Security and Custodial Services, Southern Queensland Correctional Centre, Mt Eden Corrections Facility and Auckland South Corrections Facility (Kohuora).

Thanks to the dedication of Serco staff, our prisons have received public praise and awards for their innovative programs and exceptional service offerings, especially in healthcare, education and environmental sustainability.

Our capabilities:

  • Prison accommodation and offender management
  • Rehabilitation and community reintegration program design and implementation
  • Special needs management program development
  • Prisoner health, including mental health services
  • Secure prisoner transport
  • Electronic monitoring

For more information on our justice services, please download our brochure.

Our Work