Providing high quality services to people in our care.

In line with our values, Serco is committed to treating people in our care with dignity and respect in a safe and secure environment. Across Australia's network of immigration centres, our staff work hard to ensure the wellbeing of people in administrative detention, and to deliver high quality services.

We provide catering, recreation, education and excursions, manage accommodation, facilities, maintenance, transport and logistics, security, training and procurement. Our employees look after thousands of people in locations all over Australia, responding to their cultural, religious and individual needs.

Community engagement is an important part of our approach. It's beneficial to the welfare of the people we look after, and consistent with our intention to be a good neighbour to those who live in the areas where we work. We also welcome the involvement of external agencies and independent observers, as we believe clear and strong accountability is a key element in successful service delivery.

We seek to innovate, develop and continuously improve in our provision of immigration services, to meet our responsibilities and fulfil our duty of care.

Our capabilities:

  • Facilities management & maintenance
  • Caring for vulnerable people
  • Security services
  • Education
  • Logistics
  • Training
  • Procurement 


Our Work