An innovative approach to reducing reoffending



Kohuora, Auckland South Corrections Facility located in Wiri, South Auckland, opened in May 2015 and holds up to 960 sentenced male prisoners. Kohuora is operated by Serco under a 25 year agreement with the Department of Corrections.

The facility was built to manage prisoner capacity in Auckland and focus on reducing reoffending by enabling closer contact with family and whānau and establishing local employment links that will be vital upon release.

Our vision is that this facility will be a leader in innovative correctional practice and will establish benchmarks of prisoner rehabilitation, reintegration and reduced offending. We will work in partnership with our customer and staff to achieve positive outcomes for prisoners, their whānau (family) and make our communities safer. The prison will be integrated into the New Zealand justice and correctional system and we will partner with mana whenua iwi (people of the land) in exercising Kaitiakitanga (guardianship) over the site.

Our innovative approach includes investment in education and skills training for prisoners. Our workforce includes teachers, vocational specialists, psychologists, health workers and Reintegration Officers with a broad range of skills as part of our total management plan. The focus of every member of the team is the successful rehabilitation and reintegration of prisoners, challenging and motivating prisoners to change their behaviour and providing them with the education, training and employment experience to live a better life.

We will achieve our goals by:

  • Ensuring the safety of all staff, visitors and prisoners as well as the wider community
  • Sharing our vision with our valued community partners
  • Being a trusted partner of our customer, the Department of Corrections
  • Delivering a regime which enables a responsible prisoner model and leads to prisoners turning away from crime
  • Producing better outcomes for Māori
  • Delivering a regime that is purposeful, structured and engaging
  • Delivering a whole prison approach, where every member of staff knows their vital role in supporting and challenging prisoners in their recovery journey.  

Our Innovations & Successes

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Auckland South Corrections Facility
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